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Sophie’s Placement at Opera North (Leeds)

Here I am, about to start my placement with Opera North (ON). This is a bit of an experiment, not only for me, but also for ON, as I’m their first placement student who isn’t reading music, drama, stage design or a similar degree closely linked to opera.

My own PhD is in creative writing. The main aim of my project is to unearth the life and fairy tales (!) of the German nineteenth-century children’s author Sophie von Baudissin. And that’s why I got interested in this particular placement: ON’s Winter 2017 season is all about fairy tales: Cinderella, Hänsel & Gretel and The Snow Maiden.

The hope is that, during this placement, I’ll be able to apply (and extend on) my exisiting knowledge of European fairy tales by digging up background information that can be used on ON’s website and in the print programmes, by watching rehearsals and by talking to those involved in the productions. Fingers crossed I also get to write some content! In short, I’d like all that knowledge I’m accumulating as part of my degree to be useful for something other than just that degree.

I’m excited! Let’s see how it goes!

Sophie Scheunemann


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    Interested in a PhD placement? Read Sophie’s blog post on starting her placement with Opera North!


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